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English or Maths holding you back?

This website connects people considering courses in English and Maths with accredited providers who specialise in supporting learners from the health and care sectors. You can find out about English and Maths courses from Entry to Level 2 (GCSE equivalent) and apply to courses for these qualifications.

All courses are free – subject to availability.

My learning journey

David’s story

My ultimate aim is to become an NHS Registered Nurse. But to get there I need to have completed Level 2 English and Maths. The learning has really boosted my confidence and I know I’m going to get the career I want now…

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Kadiatu’s story​

I’m an Adult Safeguarding Advisor. As part of my Leadership and Management apprenticeship I had to complete the English and Maths Functional Skills course for my Leadership and Management Programme…

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Melissa’s story

I’m a Business Administrator working in the education centre of an NHS Trust. I’m responsible for arranging and booking rooms within the centre for training, meetings, internal and external events. I wanted to improve my Maths, so I signed up for the Level 1 and 2 Maths Functional Skills course through our training hub…


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Christine’s story

I’m a nurse and training lead, although I prefer to be called an education nurse. Doing the Functional Skills courses has improved my confidence – especially in Maths. Having not done Maths since the ‘70s I have conquered my fear of numbers and I can now take on numerical tasks with ease. I can also help my colleagues and my patients better than ever before…

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