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There are apprenticeship opportunities in a wide range of clinical and non-clinical roles in local health and care services.

The NHS and other local care services offer great career opportunities, which can include:โ€‹

  • Excellent job security
  • A good pension scheme
  • Being part of a committed team
  • Working locally.

In health and care services, no two days are the same.

Our staff tell us:

  • They are proud to make a real difference every day
  • They are challenged to grow and develop โ€“ both professionally and personally
  • They learn unique skills in a rewarding career.

You need English and Maths qualifications to begin many vocational courses, so getting the certificates may be your first step towards a better job and future career progression.

To take your career to the next level, you might be looking to:

  • Improve your English and/or Maths skills
  • Get the certificates you missed out on earlier in life.

Or you might want to:

  • Feel more confident in social situations
  • Help your children more effectively with their schoolwork
  • Pass basic qualifications as the route to further study.

Whatever your reason, the journey to confidence and qualifications in English and Maths starts here.

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