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Start here to contact one of the local learning providers we work with.


They can help you fast-track to the best course for you:

  • Full assessment by phone with the right provider for you
  • Online taught courses
  • Some courses offer flexible times to fit your schedule
  • Advice and support to take the next steps.
If you work in the NHS or health and care sector in south east London, you might also be supported by your employer to develop your skills as part of your personal development plan.

This might include:

  • Helping you to plan the next steps in your career in the NHS or care sectors
  • Ensuring the course you choose will meet the requirements for your preferred further learning programme (e.g. apprenticeship)
  • Pointing you toward the right level courses for specific careers e.g. nursing associate roles or specialist areas, such as the maths qualification required for entry to nurse prescribing courses.

And remember:

Anyone can take an English or Maths course – whether or not you are currently employed, or who your employer is.

And these courses are completely free to take!

Why further learning?

  • Recognised, accredited programmes
  • Leading up to Level 2 qualifications – necessary to begin many apprenticeships and some university courses
  • Invest in your future and career development.
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